2023: A’Ibom People: Your Hope Is Not Dashed; OBA IS COMING

…only believe it is POSSIBLE

2023: A’Ibom People: Your Hope Is Not Dashed; OBA IS COMING
…only believe it is POSSIBLE


Ordinarily, something has happened! The turn of event in Akwa lbom politically, seems to destroy the chance of the outcome we had been praying for and expecting.

But this is the truth! The Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Akwa lbom state is DEAD, and may not field in candidate for gubernatorial election.

However, let me pause here, and then continue!

Our hope had centered on Distinguished Sen (Obong) Bassey Albert Akpan, and still centered on him. We had believed that the party he laboured for in the last two decades will honour him and reward him for his contributions to the party.

Sadly, the party has been killed by few new comers. It is unfortunate! Akwa lbom PDP Rest ln Peace.

It is saddened that confusing rumours have began to circulate, rumours of Akwa lbom PDP dabbling with court cases, but nothing substantial, just a false hope. That serves them better.

They have fallen into the dark and can no longer lead the way out. I am told the party leadership has convened an emergency meeting to chat their way out of their imminent political doom.

I am also told that their supporters no longer have money to give, and their banks are foreclosed.

But we the Akwa lbom people are hoping for another and a better outcome that would, of course, bring wealth and job creation for the teeming Akwa lbom youths and prosperity for all

Our grief and pain is over – think OBA, because OBA is coming: the hope of a common man and downtrodden.

Yak lsong Odot Ukana!

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