…………………………As the 2019 governorship elections continue to gathered political momentum, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Defenders has express their readiness and significantly strategics to play role in Udom Emmanuel’s second term bid.

In an address Hon. Cyril Umoren stated that there is only one thing that is pertinent, ‘seat of government’. The misfortune behind it is that, it is only one seat.

He regret why many politicians employ all manners of antics like propaganda, blackmail, thuggery among others just to scale through to clinch the seat.

Stated that Akwa Ibom State politics is not an exception to this game. Many heads roll, aspiring to get to the hill top mansion with funny methods and scheming but the end will justify the means.

Saying that many political stalwart consult whatever that come their way to inquire how the race will be. The scriptures said “race is not to swift, nor the battle to the strong but it is the Lord that showeth mercy”. It implies that it is by mercy that the seat of government will be procured. The confirmation has it that “l will show mercy on whom I will show mercy”.

Adding that the coming 2019 gubernatorial election PDP is uprightly effectively in control of government machinery in the state.

In chemistry there is what we call ‘litmus test’. It refers to the process of testing the concentration of acid. A very corrosive acid is tested with blue litmus paper and if it turns blue litmus paper to red, then it is a corrosive acid.

Sighting the just concluded December 2, 2017 LG elections was however the litmus test at the local government election which was conducted by Akwa Ibom Independent Electoral Commission (AKISIEC) were land slide victory was recorded in favour of PDP courtesy of PDP Defenders.

And be it as it may the sole success of the elections was that no PDP aspirant defected to any another political party after the primaries, which would swelled, fueled, and energized the opposition camp, a condition that has helped them in time past to look like they have a point in any election in Akwa Ibom State,and even sometimes boost their energy to challenge at tribunal.

Boosted that the election was like non other! A lesson that must be learned and absorbed very quickly. In 2019 the opposition must down tools completely  and accept Udom as the direct outcome of the people’s choice.

According to the State Chairman, PDP Defenders Hon. Cyril Umoren who lead all PDP Defenders from the 329 wards and 31 Local Government Area of the state to ensure maximum and comprehensive victory for PDP candidates in the state,a feat that must be replicated in 2019.

Explaining, that the mercy of God, as promised will be made manifest through PDP Defenders. God uses men to manifest his purpose; These men are PDP Defenders! which are passionate about Gov. Udom Emmanuel reelection as he put adequate measures in place to match up words with actions in order to achieve victory ahead of 2019, from his antecedents if he did it at the just concluded local government election he can do it again.

Pointed out that in 2011 election it was the Akwa Ibom People Forum (AKPF) that backed Sen. Godswill Akpabio to return for second term in office.

Also, in 2015 it was Akwa Ibom Consolidation Alliance (ACA) that worked all the socio-political groups to put this present administration in power.

Now the PDP Defenders are certified  grassroot election machinery, where politics is expressed on door to door basis and dividends of democracy is delivered by the same process for Governor Udom Emmanuel reelection and it is not negotiable as long PDP Defenders are involved under the able leadership of Hon. Cyril Umoren.

Vow to implement the Governor’s second term election bid with massive victory. At the level of good governance they are the preachers, in other words,PDP Defenders are the real election winning strategy for Governor Udom Emmanuel’s reelection.

Adding that, if they did it for councilors and local government chairmen in Akwa Ibom State on December 2, 2017. Based on this, 2019 gubernatorial election, PDP Defenders has arise to fight for Governor Udom Emmanuel second term.

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