Akwa Ibom Needs More High-rise Buildings ‘Against Clement Ikpatt’s Culture of Falsehood’

Akwa Ibom Needs More High-rise Buildings
‘Against Clement Impatt’s Culture of Falsehood’

By Uwemedimoh Umanah

……………I’m an historian who has spent about 20 semesters from my undergraduate to doctorate levels studying human beings and societies.

I can say from the standpoint of authority that Governor Udom Emmanuel’s plan to build a 21-storey property for multinationals is thoughtful. It takes only a leader who was a good student of Political Economy to drive an economy.

That building will provide opportunities for more Foreign Direct Investments , because infrastructure is a major requirement of globalization. It will add to the aesthetic profile of the state and above all, provide jobs (from the construction to the post- construction phases) for indigenes of the state. Should we dwell exhaustively on the value chain: transportation, hospitality, logistics, commerce, etc. No time for that!

Investments in property contributed to the quick, spontaneous and coordinated economic miracle experienced by the Asian Tigers: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. The four dragon governments took opportunities to invest heavily in industrialization, building major industrial estates such as skyscrapers and offering tax incentives to foreign investors, and implementing compulsory education for its young population in order to secure the future of the workforce.

I think Clement Ikpatt has been hired by the APC to strengthen its conspiracy theories, hence his numerous lies to disparage Governor Udom Emmanuel and his programs!
He and his mendacious falsehood should be discountenance by well meaning Akwa Ibomites!

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