By: Essien Ndueso

……..Years back peace was one word elusive in Akwa Ibom State. Elders, leading light leaders in the community, mothers, fathers and even the children were not spared in this reign of terror. Before those years, “Political Killing/Kidnapping” were words we rarely paid attention but they became our reality, like whoever invented them had Akwa Ibom State in mind.

Fortunately, the arrival of Mr. Udom Emmanuel, a Deacon of the Church and a true worshipper of God, on May 29th, 2015 changed the narrative. His administration at first chance redirected the state to God, proscribed cultism and gave room for amnesty against the ill intentions that youths were merely tools to win elections through thuggery. He has since led the state in the fear of God, and his wording, through series of prayers for the people and the state.

Akwa Ibom state today, by most reliable statics is rated as one of the most peaceful state in Nigeria. A safe haven for investors, birthing over 16 workable industries and grading our foreign direct investment according to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistic (NBS), the highest after Lagos. Indeed when the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice!

However, this most celebrated peace has been threatened by elections; a mere process to elect a leader became the devil’s weapon to tear our brotherhood apart. Again, Akwa Ibom State popped up in several news blogs, National TV and newspapers not for the best, but feared as a war Zone. War drums sounded and Warsaw was declared by Senator Godswill Akpabio on a state he once governed and claimed to love for 8 years.

Most worrisome was a picture of Governor Emmanuel sliced into two and placed in a bible, admist other diabolic materials by Sen. Akpabio, flooded the media space. We can’t start to imagine other unspeakable things he did behind closed doors. An Akwa Ibomite elderly man against Akwa Ibom State leaders.

On the eve of the gubernatorial elections, an alleged audio tape of Nsima Ekere was leaked, it contained a plot to massacre innocent voters, to score political points. Another Akwa Ibom elder against Akwa Ibom State.

Thanks to the teachings of Governor Udom Emmanuel, his monthly prayer summit for the youths paid off as most youths refused to be a part of the many planned evils. Edo thugs, sorry boys were imported to carry out their evil plot by orchestrated by Adams Oshiomole. If you didn’t see them on social media being apprehended by the police, then you must have seen them on the same street with you, walking freely with the ‘Police Excuse’ that they came for an ‘imaginary’ APC campaign rally and some for an ‘imaginary’ burial.

Up until today, the campaign rally or burial is yet to be held, and their sponsors have decided not to send them back, threatening our peace and allowed to mix up with us. It was for times like this that the Elder’s foresaw that “Idiok Nsanga ase abiat eti ayin”, meaning that evil communication can corrupt absolutely. Our youths have been corrupted and recruited. Just of recent, a foreigner with the help of the police was released from the hands of kidnappers. Something that was unheard of for in last four years.
But hey! This article is not to scare you, or castigate our sons who dragged us into this, but to proffer a solution; the Governor Udom Emmanuel’s recipe towards building a peaceful state.

A State Wide Crusade, tagged “The Earth is the Lord’s” is being held today.

Let us all come out to build a state the nation would envy. Irrespective of party affiliation, come and let’s receive the Spirit into our lives and our land. Let God once again cement blessings on His precious state, the only one named after His Holy name, Akwa Abasi Ibom State.

(C) Essien Ndueso-2019

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