This is for doubting Thomases who said peacock paint is not working.
On my way to the office today, I decided to stop by at the Aka Road Branch of the company to interact with the management.
The manager of Aka Road branch, Mrs Patience Imoh said that ever since the place was opened, there is no single day the branch has shutdown contrary to speculations except on Sundays and some Saturdays. She lamented low patronage of the high quality paint by Akwa Ibom people, saying that a lot of people prefer buying the N3000, 4000, and 5000 paint instead of the high quality N8000 peacock which is a little more expensive. The manager further said that some of those talking about peacock paint are mere agents of opposition who don’t which the company and the state well. She explained that a lot of people complain that peacock paint should have the one of N3000 to 4000, but she said doing so will reduce the quality of the paint which the company cannot afford to do such. She added that currently, the least peacock paint goes N8000, 10000, 18000, 20000, and 25000.
According to her, it’s as a result of low patronage that made the company to produce more quantity on demand, and called on Akwa Ibom people to patronize peacock paint as it is the only paint that will truly give them value for their money.
She described peacock paint as the best paint in Nigeria.
Akwa Ibom people, let’s support peacock paint to export to other countries and showcase what we have. Buy peacock paint, buy made in Akwa Ibom.

Credits: Joseph Okon

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