SENATOR OBA: YPP and the Ballot Revolution in Akwa Ibom State | Ibomplaza News

SENATOR OBA: YPP and the Ballot Revolution in Akwa Ibom State | Ibomplaza News

By Etoro-obong Inyang

“That the Young Progressives Party (YPP) has become the fastest growing party in Akwa Ibom State with unparalleled massive acceptability has given nightmares to the state administration”- Apostle Nyeneime Andy, State Chairman, YPP.

From a relatively known association of political actors a few months back the Young Progressives Party has become a political party of clout, relevance and influence. In fact, YPP has, to the disappointment of naysayers and doomsayers, grown to become the leading political movement a massive membership strength in less than eight months. Today, it is set for a ballot revolution in the next few months, during the general elections.

With the emergence of Senator Bassey Albert Akpan, CON, popularly called OBA, as the governorship candidate of YPP, activities of the party have become celebratory as members, supporters and admirers of the “greenleaf party” have taken over the state. Today, everywhere ha decorated with YPP uniforms, T-shirts, and caps.

Interestingly, YPP has come to stay as the alternative platform of solution to many of the
problems ordinary people face. The party is driven by the ideology of ‘social democracy’ and on the wings of ‘service to the people’ as well as the ‘passion to improve the welfare of the people’. It is bent on the environment of social justice and provision of equal opportunities for all Akwa Ibomites.

With the rising unpopularity of the failing umbrella party in Akwa Ibom State, which has continued to plunge to deeper, Akwa Ibomites need to be clear that another PDP-led government in the state could be a death knell for them. An optimistic future has become quite impossible with the way the economic and social lives of the state are being handled by Udom Emmanuel-led administration. It is generally sleepwalking to a monumental disaster.

The Akwa Ibom people have voiced their plight, and despair, but the government of the day has done nothing about the high level of unemployment, poverty, hunger, economic deprivation, burgeoning debt profile, and a skewed development
agenda and low morale in the civil service.

The massive reception that greets YPP at its campaigns across the state has demonstrated in clear terms its acceptability and popularity. That is because the masses have come to realise that the only way to save Akwa Ibom State from a grandiose wastage and magnum deception is to vote for OBA.

So far, IBA’s campaigns have been devoid of negatives and frivolities, rather he has been discussing how he will turn around the fortunes of millions of Akwa Ibomites who have endured the hopelessness and helplessness in the last eight years.

Presently, the people are craving unity, peace and progress, and they are hopeful that OBA will make it happen through his positive impact agenda as encapsulated in the 3Rs to rescue, reconcile and reposition the State for prosperity, economic greatness, and political inclusiveness.

According to Andy, “It is absolutely the rights of the people of Akwa Ibom State to decide who to back in an election and not the state determining (for us) our choices. Perhaps we can state for the umpteenth time that Senator Bassey Albert Akpan is contesting the forthcoming election through the infinite power of God. Let no man, therefore, think he can overturn the will of God. The scripture says, ‘Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?’” (Leviticus 3: 37).

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