The Eminent Return of Ephraim Inyang-Eyen (Epistle 1)

The Eminent Return of Ephraim Inyang-Eyen (Epistle 1)

……The story of the eminent return of the Works’ Commissioner, Akparawa Ephraim Inyang-Eyen – as one out of the 22 leutenants of Governor Udom’s Consolidation team succinctly fits into the biblical epithet: “Man proposes, God disposes…”His has been a manifestation of God’s manifold will against the ill-will and evillish orchestration of the political pugilists, acrimonists and the likes especially on the nick of the governor’s re-election for a second term in office.

Emphatically, it could be universally agreed without recourse that, Commissioner Inyang-Eyen was and remains the most envied and vilified leutenant in Udom’s cabinet – his kinsmen and political associates couldn’t help adding salt to his glowing wounds with their calculated but misplaced tantrums. But as God will have it, providence became his mettle of fortification to the chargrin of his harsh-rivals.

Thanks to Governor Udom Emmanuel who understands the intents and contents of the man at the helms of Works’ Affairs in the state, and therefore approved his reappointment. This singular deed is a confirmation that, Inyang-Eyen had done well in the past 4 years, hence deserving of another phase of assignment in the same ministry.

Now that Ephraim Inyang-Eyen has graciously returned to his Place of Primary Assignment, one should expect nothing less of his usual commitment and voracious desire to see that all construction works under his supervision are speedily carried out inline with specifications and duration, though this virtue has been misunderstood as being wicked and selfish by few self-seeking individuals. As usual, projects’ contractors must be made to deliver quality, time tested finished projects without undue interferences from host communities and the likes.

Perhaps, may I reiterate here that, intolerance for compromise and accurate sanction for those who are hellbent on cutting corners might have been the albatross of Commissioner Inyang-Eyen, but he’s not expected to change anytime soon, rather his return marks yet another phase of quality projects delivery with no room for compromise. And this, could be said to be a clear departure from what has been obtainable in the previous administration, wherein there’d been several alleged cases of financial malfeasance resulting from shoddy deals between the contractors and the contract supervisors, which in most cases left the projects uncompleted or of less quality.

Admissibly, the workrate of the Works’ Ministry in the last 4 years, still counting has bear credence to the uncompromising stance of the Commissioner in handling those projects, and this, if look holistically, would wow even his best critic. For instance, it’s an acceptable fact that every Senatorial District has got myriad of projects in their domain undertaken by Mr Inyang-Eyen led Ministry of Works.

For the record, it could be recalled that, on May 18, 2018, Gov Udom Emmanuel had commissioned several roads in Uyo as part of activities marking his third anniversary in office which includes, Asutan Street, Ebong Street, Ebong Lane, Mbiakong Street, Bassey Attah Street and Efiong Udo Akpan Street.

Still in Uyo, in Udotung Ubo axis, the governor inaugurated Udotung Ubo Lane, Ibiono Lane and Akparen Street, Prof Offiong Street and Justice Edet Nkop Street in Shelter Afrique, Youth Avenue in Mbiabong Etoi, Concrete Hotel Road in Ewet Housing and the Atlantic FM road at Akamba Nsukara, five adjoining roads totalling 6.1KM in Atan Offot, and the Information Drive.

Also Usanga Udo / Emco Lane, Udokang Street, Utang Lane, Akwa Efak Extension and Ekpenyong Street, the 1.5km Akpasak Estate Extension, Graceland School Road, Reedemed Church Road and Emmanuel Bassey Avenue all this in Uyo Local Government Area.

However, about 8 selected streets at total of 5.8km have been constructed and completed in Ewet Housing Extension off Edet Akpan Avenue (4 lane), without ignoring the completion of the underground drainaige to deflood Nsikak Eduok Avenue linking up to the Tropicana,

So far, Ephraim Inyang-Eyen has delivered over 30 road projects in Uyo Local government Area alone with the 25km Uyo – Ikot Ekpene Road dualization project which now is at 87% completion and will soon hit the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Ikot Ekpene.

At Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), Governor Emmanuel commissioned five Roads, which for want of description were tagged A, B, C, D, and E Roads adding up to, 5.1km internal roads within the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), have seen the upgrade of the Obio Akpa Campus in Oruk Anam Local Government into a first class academic environment.

In Onna, the country home of Gov Udom Emmanuel and Akparawa Ephraim Inyang-Eyen, the construction and completion of the 1KLM Awa Iman/Ikot Nkang Road with drainage, and the 85% construction of the dualized 29KM Etinan-Ndoneyo Road stretching to Awa Iman and linking to the East West Road worth commendations.

The 12.427km Awa Iman – Asong – Ikot Edim – Ikot Emem Road with two bridges has also been commissioned in Mkpat Enin, in addition to the 5KM Ikot Usop – Ikot Edeghe – Ikot Ekpuk Road and 30 metres span bridge in the same Local Government inaugurated earlier.

In Nsit Atai and Ibesikpo Asutan, the construction of the 6KM Idiaba – Nda Nsit – Nung Udoe Road has been completed, same as the Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan Road by Udo Udoma is completed.

That the Dualized of the 19.5KM Eket-Ibeno Road was commissioned to mark the first anniversary of Governor Emmanuel Road was a great breakthrough given the history of abandonment of that Road which is one of the most important in Nigeria, leading to the oil belt of the State and operational base of Exxon Mobil and other ancillary oil companies.

Now, let’s go to Eket where Eket Metropolis Phase 1 and 11 which is at least, 70% completion level. But as we speak, Governor Emmanuel has since commissioned several other roads in Eket such as the Ikot Odion – Ikot Abasi Road, Heritage Polytechnic Road, Lucy Bassey Street, Frank Archibong Street and many others.

Okay, come to Obot Akara, the construction of 6.4km Nto-Edino-Ekwere Azu Road with two bridges is a done deal, just the same as 3.5KM Ikot Udom Road with 15m span bridge in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area has been completed.

In Oron Local Government Area not less than six inter-connected roads has been recorded, to mention, Mainland Avenue, Mary Annie School Road, Awana Esin Road, Market Road, Efiat Road and Bassey Street, have been constructed and commissioned by Governor Udom Emmanuel in that area that was neglected for so many years.

Several road construction is ongoing in a different level in Uruan, Ini, Esit Eket Udung Ukor, Mbo, Nsit Ibom, Nsit Ubium, Abak, Ukanafun, Oruk Anam, Ibeno, Itu and Essien Udim etc. This is an indication and a testification that Mr Inyang-Eyen is actively involved in interpreting the vision of the governor’s unity through uneven spread of people oriented projects.

To this end, it’s safe to conclude that, Ephraim Inyang-Eyen’s return to the Ministry of Works is the best Consolidation given the pace of work in the state in recent times and the eminent need for sustainability in the completion agenda.

©Iniubongabasi Anako is an Uyo based Public/Political Affairs Analyst.

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