In 2015, I was humbled by the overwhelming mandate I received from the good people of Etinan/Nsit Ibom/ Nsit ubium Federal constituency as Member of the Federal House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria. By the end of today upon wrap of the valedictory session, I will have completed my term of service, for a total of 12 years in the parliament both at the state and Federal legislature. It will be a coming-of-age. There is always a day to review and give an account of our stewardship.

The tide of life puts it upon me to review and be thankful for my constituents, supporters, and stakeholders for the opportunity to serve.
My over a decade of work as a parliamentarian has been fruitful and engaging with amazing moments to relish, and my years of service has afforded me the opportunity to engage tactfully as well as providing good representation to the loving people of Etinan Federal Constituency with legislative Bills sponsored totaling 24 in numbers, Motions and several reports on issues of public interest. I feel that I have come full circle, but before I move on with a possible assignment from the near future, I wish to show profound gratitude to all stakeholders, constituents, and everyone who have supported and made work smooth whilst serving as your representatives.

My decision to represent was worthwhile with you all by my side. I had a fulfilling career as a parliamentarian and I was by the very special Grace of God one of the finest during the 8th Assembly. Notably, parliament cuts one’s soul open to expose the raw, and I was convinced that it was time I did something more; but the Almighty determines our path. During my work, aside from exposing the ills of society and the challenges of everyday life as experienced in the present day Nigeria, I had to be a part of the solution. Although one of the youngest as of 2015, I was ready to engage and defend my convictions. I had in me the fierceness and readiness to take on fresh responsibilities which saw me nominated as the Chairman House committee on Interparliamentary relations saddled with the responsibility of engaging parliaments across the globe with a view to showcasing the Nigerian parliament.

During my four year tenure, to ensure inclusive and equitable development in our communities, we worked on measures for quality and accessible educational grant, free health care outreach, decent employment and livelihood opportunities through strategic enterprise development programs and vocational training.

At this point, I would like to thank everyone who has been part of my journey for the last four amazing years. First and always foremost is God who is the source of my strength, wisdom, peace, and life itself. The Lord’s graciousness has allowed me to achieve everything that I have now. I am eternally grateful.

Thank you to my family-my Papa (Sir Ikon), who taught me the value of hard work and honesty; my dear mother, who pushed me to pursue my dreams and passion, and my Dear wife, who has been my pillar of strength and a great source of comfort; my three sons, my greatest source of inspiration; my brother, sisters and the rest of my family who have supported me all these years.

I lack the best of words to describe or show my deepest appreciation to teeming Supporters, friends, party faithful, and entire people of Etinan Federal constituency who have stood by my project through thick and thin.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every staff I have worked with these years for their loyalty and dedication, and for having joined me in my journey over the years. All of you have contributed to my personal and professional growth. I am grateful to have you.
The journey was not without struggle, and heartaches both from personal and political failures. Filled with the passion to serve and strengthened by the political will to get things done, I surpassed two State Assembly terms and one at the Federal House of Representatives. I do acknowledge that it is near impossible to empower everyone in the cause of my representation, hence the need to ask for forgiveness from those I am unable to reach out to within the available time frame, believe me when I say the future holds so much for us all. I am ready to face a bigger battlefield, ready to engage in more debates and forge alliances for the good not only of my constituents but of all Akwa Ibom indigenes both at home and abroad. Finally, I urge us all to accord the member elect the much needed support, respect, and useful advice as he will further stretch the frontiers of development in our constituency.

I will end my speech, but I do not wish to say goodbye, because certainly, I will continue to give utmost support to the government of His Excellency UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL.


I remain yours Truly.

Thank you.

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