YPP’s “NOW IS OUR TIME” SLOGAN: Beyond the physical? | Ibomplaza News

YPP’s “NOW IS OUR TIME” SLOGAN: Beyond the physical? | Ibomplaza News

For a people to embrace an idea, movement or philosophy with vigour within a very short period of time, it is an indication of how long a time they had waited in patience for the arrival of such philosophy, idea or movement.

Whoever within the ranks of leadership in the Young Progressives Party that suggested “Now is our time” to be responded with at the yell of ‘YPP’ must not only be commended, but must be encouraged to pursue more spiritual guidance for even more revelations of the extant solutions to the problems of humanity, especially in the political sector.

Since recent activities of the Young Progressives Party seems to have strong hold on the Akwa Ibom State polity, I am constrained to believe, however, that the reawakening slogan was revealed for adoption by Akwa Ibom people who have waited for a rebirth of people oriented, infrastructural and agricultural renaissance over the last seven years plus. What is playing out in Akwa Ibom political space with the defection of Senator (Obong) Bassey Albert Akpan to the Young Progressives Party is far from the ordinary and should not be treated as one which has been seen in recent times but without a happy ending.

The strength, seriousness and looks of fulfilment captured on the faces of YPP supporters as they echo “Now is our time” corroborates my position that now is the time they had patiently waited for, a time an intentional and self sponsored politician like Senator OBA would aspire to lead Akwa Ibom State. A time their State Government would be intentional about development. A time their labour would be rewarded. A time where education and its facilities would be prioritize. A time where their voices would be heard, a time where empowerment would be proliferated to the benefit of all and sundry. A time where ‘Monkey no go work for Baboon to chop’!

The crash of leadership in units, wards and other instituted structures of the other Political Parties all in support of the Young Progressives Party does not only point to their ineptitude and rudderless, it indicates too, that the compass for a successful coasting of their administration had long been misplaced, hence, the exodus of their key members and stakeholders to the budding YPP to join hands with others to Recover Akwa Ibom, Reconcile her to God and Reposition her for greater productivity with Distinguished Senator OBA on the saddle. No! The manifestation of rapid expansion, confounding acceptance of the YPP and joyous participation of the people in the bid to bestow human-faced governance to Akwa Ibom State could not let them wait any further. Really, this wave is far beyond the ordinary, it is wide and the physical eyes cannot see its ends. It is contagious. This wave of change in Akwa Ibom State is a manifestation of a prophecy told to a few who has genuine intentions to put Akwa Ibom State in the class she truly belongs.

Doubting Thomases in the belief of God’s involvement in leadership must dispel their doubt with what is happening in Akwa Ibom State political sector recently. This time around, the fingers of God are everywhere, putting things in right places to suit God’s purpose for Akwa Ibom State. Isn’t it obvious? Seven Senior Advocates of Nigeria paid in staggering amounts to prove the authenticity of a common WAEC paper anyone who has would just throw open for people to see. What worsens it is their uncalculated errors each time the incongruent documents are further doctored. Isn’t it obvious that the spate of blackmails, propaganda and vilification thrown at the Principal, OBA, only makes him stronger and attract pools of willing supporters rather than distract which is their original objective? These and many others are the fingers of God in action.

From observable events, in the coming days, it might be shocking the cream of political players that the whirlwind of the Young Progressives Party will blow in to actualize the envisioned Akwa Ibom State with a more friendly, compassionate and proactive Governor – OBA. No need for panic, the few media defenders around them now are doing so for their daily bread. Their minds, body and soul are with the YPP because they too know and can feel it that now is our time and they want to make it theirs too.

YPP is not just a party, it is a consortium of God fearing leaders with sound judgement on what leadership and governance entail. With the crumbling of social amenities, educational facilities and infrastructures in Akwa Ibom State, Senator OBA is widely embraced as the one with the midas touch believed to address in practical terms, these decadence. No need to entertain doubt, no one has a spirit filled leader as the head of a team and not expect divine manifestations, interventions and directions.

YPP…Now is our time!

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