2019 General Elections In Nigeria Is Beyond Party Affiliations and Political Sentiment – Paul “Politics” Ekpo ***caution Nigerians from voting against their wellbeing

2019 General Elections In Nigeria Is Beyond Party Affiliations and Political Sentiment – Paul “Politics” Ekpo

***caution Nigerians from voting against their wellbeing

……………As the Nigeria is set for yet another general elections few hours from now, the state chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Akwa Ibom State chapter, Obong Paul “Politics” Ekpo has urge every well thinking Akwa Ibomites and Nigerians at large to look at the situation of Nigeria as at today and have a better thought while casting their votes during today’s presidential and national assembly elections.

The Nigeria double chair advise that as citizens who are all set to exercise our franchise today, the 16th of February, 2019 as the foundamental right of every Nigerians. That people should also have a rethink of the error of 2015 which thrown the nation to the suffering that we are all experiencing today and should try everything possible not to allow such history to play back itself.

Speaking with this reporter, Paul Ekpo, the chairman of all the PDP chairmen in Nigeria caution the good people of Akwa Ibom and Nigeria in general from voting against their wellbeing and see 2019 general elections in Nigeria beyond party sentiment. He plead with all Nigerians to find it necessary to vote for PDP in a peaceful, free, fare, credible and transparent elections.

The Don of politics in Nigeria stress further that the outcome of campaign rallies by political parties in Nigeria has truly speaks clearly for itself. Saying that even party primaries was a clear indications for people to know the right direction to follow. According to the five-star party chair, a situation that people can sincerely attest to the real facts that PDP is the only political party that conducted a very peaceful, free, credible and transparent party primaries both in the state and at the national level and thereafter, went through a successful and peaceful campaign rallies. While other parties, especially the ruling party at the centre, either APC believes in violent in all the processes and thereby, planning same during the main general elections as about to commence few hours from now. He described the All Progressive Congress, APC as the party that has nothing to offer Nigerians as such is a clear evidence of their failure to deliver on good governance for the people. That Nigerians should vote for PDP for peace, security, development, progress and all that matters to make life better and meaningful.

Ekpo challenge the good people of Akwa Ibom and Nigerian in general to resist from every violence attempt and embrace a peaceful atmosphere while also ensuring that their votes duly counted. He called on evryone to avail themselves of this opportunity to correct the mistakes of 2015 when voted in APC. Adding that PDP is the Moses of today’s Nigeria, the only party that has the peoples’ interest at heart and also have good and better plans for the betterment of the country to be a dwelling place for both citizens, residents and the visitors.

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