IN THE NEWS: GOV. UDOM EMMANUEL CLEARS AIR ON SUCCESSION PLAN ***congratulates Senator Eyakenyi as she clocks 60

***congratulates Senator Eyakenyi as she clocks 60

…….Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel has made public his template for administering the state in the year 2020, saying he would work towards delivering on the completion agenda of his administration rather than getting involved in the politics of succession as canvassed by political gladiators seeking power come 2023.

The Governor was speaking during the sixtieth birthday celebration and thanksgiving service of the Senator representing Eket Senatorial District, Dr Akon Eyakenyi at Destiny International Mission , Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo .

He stressed that he would not impose or anoint any candidate as his successor but awaits divine direction which would produce the desired candidate base on the collective decision of the people.

The Governor maintained that the present day Akwa Ibom is such that her destiny cannot be determined by one man, explaining that he would rather pray that God reveals to him whom he has chosen rather than try to adopt God’s attributes.

“…I don’t have the power to anoint anybody, but my prayer is, God reveal to me whoever you want as my successor so that I don’t waste my time on somebody that will not be. Let God show me who to queue behind. I am a mere mortal and I think God will do that”, he stated .

Mr Emmanuel described the 2023 elections issues as unnecessary distractions and appealed to the people to put aside such distractions, cautioning that he would not welcome consultation for 2023 elections this year.

“I want to appeal that for 2020 we want to work. We are out to work in year 2020 so I don’t want any distraction. Let nobody come and consult me about any office in year 2020 because at the end nobody will ask you who did you anoint to go for what office, but what God used you to do within your powers and within that time that God gave you. We are combing the whole world looking for help everywhere, so let God see our effort and support what we are doing”, he said.

Governor Emmanuel lauded the unprecedented acceptability of Dr. Ahmad Lawan’s leadership at the National Assembly, describing the 9th Senate as one of the most peaceful in the history of Nigeria’s democracy.

He congratulated Senator Akon Eyakenyi on her 60th birthday celebration , commending her for acknowledging God as her source and prayed for God’s help for greater accomplishments in her life.

The Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan said that politics of the new Nigeria, which the 9th Senate stands for is defined by it desired destination in service delivery, devoid of political party line and identified Governor Emmanuel as sharing in the aspiration.

He described the turnout of Senators at the event as a testimony to the worthiness of the Akwa Ibom contingent in the Senate and great team players, thanking the Governor and people of the state for maintaining penchant for qualitative leadership.

While thanking God for his benevolence, Senator Akon Eyakenyi expressed gratitude to God for her 60-year life journey, her family life, her successful election into the Senate and thanked the Governor and his wife, Martha for their support, saying she remains indebted to the people of the twelve local government areas of the Senatorial District who ensured her emergence as their representative.

In his homily, the General Superintendent of Destiny International Mission, Arch Bishop Cletus Bassey who culled his text from Luke 17:12-18, admonished that in the present world of ungratefulness, God expects his people to be different by responding to his benevolence with a show of gratitude.

The Cleric urged the people to always acknowledge God as the most dependable, reliable and trustworthy one who holds the future of every man, adding that when men acknowledge that there are things only God can do, he blesses their future.

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