Meflyn Anwana, the corporate communicator and media aide, living a life of fulfilment

Meflyn Anwana, the corporate communicator and media aide, living a life of fulfilment


MefLyn Anwana is a corporate communicator, CEO GALE Multimedia and Founder, DeYoungEagles. She is a TV presenter/News anchor, digital strategist, recording artiste and a whole lot more. She is a graduate of Food Engineering and holds a Diploma in documentary film making, public speaking and TV Presentation from the London Film Academy, United Kingdom. She is currently the Media Aide to Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State on New Media.

As CEO GALE Multimedia and brand consultant, she has trained a global network of intelligent professionals who identify communication needs and assist in developing concepts that are measurable to complement strategic communication goals.

As an artiste and recipient of several awards, she has performed in various events across nations even to the United Kindom and other African countries. She is happily married to William Anwana and blessed with a child, Harold Anwana.

Growing up was inspiring and very engaging for Meflyn with immense support from her parents and siblings to see her soar. She learnt how to multitask pretty early in life. According to her, in her early years, she focused on motivating young people with like minds, positively impacting them to achieve greatness and focus on building their God given skills which gave birth to DE Young Eagles at age 16.

“This whole phase was fulfilling for me because sometimes, young people think they have all the time to waste and some even make wrong career choices, when asked they’d simply say ‘o yeah Daddy said that! Mummy said this!’ and it is sad that some get into a strange field they know nothing about while others go into areas they do not have the right skill for.”

“My Heart also goes out to our young women who sometimes get distracted along the way not knowing the massive responsibility of building a nation or nations. An indelible life course which lies ahead of every woman. Still on my childhood, my dad enrolled the whole family in a music class and I started writing songs on my vintage songbook, went into mainstream music, and emerged tops in Nigeria’s biggest reality TV stage at that time. I remember the show was christened ‘Rising Star’, handled by the Late Yinka Craig of blessed memory” She tells me.

Though Meflyn’s parents didn’t like that, yet, they gave her all the support needed and when everyone got concerned about her, she told anyone who cared to hear she was going into gospel music. Having being mentored by her spiritual parents, Reverend Ntia I.Ntia and his wife, the rest of the years got pretty rewarding for Meflyn having to flag the course of contemporary Gospel Music across the nation’s of the world. “ Oh yeah!

Working with Big brother Sammie Okposo, Chevelle Franklin, My fearless brother Tim Godfrey, Buchi, Eben, Bouqui, Onos, Anne Inyang, Aity Dennis, Freke, Frank Edwards, Timi Dakolo, Joe Praise and all my LoveWorld Studio crew have been inspiring moments I will always treasure” says Meflyn.

Sharing on the successes recorded under DeYoungEagles, she says “80 percent of the youths who camped with us through the years are currently living their dreams in their respective fields. We won’t stop; we will keep going out there to catch them young for the amelioration of our society. As GALE Multimedia CEO, I thought it was important to identify creatives who are forward looking and focused on building their skills and brand. Of course where necessary, I will always be there to assist.” She reveals.

Meflyn served under two administrations as Media Aide to the governor so despite her myriad involvements expressed through her multitasking abilities, she still carries out her official duties. Hear her tell more “Firstly, I served under the former Governor, Senator Godswill Akpabio, as the anchor of the popular uncommon transformation series that showcased Akwa-Ibom going through an era of infrastructural renaissance and I was indeed humbled to be part of it however, serving under Governor Udom Emmanuel as a Media Aide is indeed inspiring and mind blowing.

Governor Udom is proferring global solutions and I am glad and honoured to be on his team.
I am proud of my state. We’ve seen Africa’s largest syringe factory in Akwa-Ibom, the first tooth-pick and pencil factory in Nigeria, an 11,000 hectare coconut plantation and refinery project, paint factory, the metering factory and so much more. Power is a key factor when you talk about industrialization. Interestingly, in Akwa-Ibom, we now enjoy 18 hours of power supply while five more Local Government Areas will witness 24 hours uninterrupted power supply in the next few weeks.” She tells me, adding that “Akwa-Ibom people are happy with the free education policy for children in public secondary schools and the free medicare for 0-5 years, aged and pregnant women.

The agricultural revolution in Akwa-Ibom is a movement charted by Governor Udom Himself, from Cassava to Cocoa, to maize, rice and tomato…the list is extensive. We have indeed come a long was through being in existence in 30 years and still counting. God has been and is still good to us.”

Juggling family and work for Meflyn hasn’t been so hectic as she has mastered the act of prioritising. Hear her tell it all “I believe there is time for everything. I love my family deeply so family always comes first; I have an amazing husband, who encourages me to live an impactful life while balancing family and every other thing. We believe marriage is partnership, and we partner to fulfil our God given purpose as a couple. We are romantics so there is a whole lot of time for love poems and you know the rest but we sincerely do no joke with our spiritual life, family life, love life, financial life and intimate moments.

I met my husband through a third party. The first time we ever met, he got me simply being a God fearing and perfect gentleman. I remember spending every moment possible with each other and spending every other moment thinking about each other… Oh Yeah! We still do, nothing changed, it only got better and greener” She tells me with a smirk.

Concluding the interview, she shares on the need for giving back and what family means to her in words that describes exactly what her heart was ‘saying’. “We love to give back to the society for divinity and humanity purposes. This is very important for us because life is beautiful and you are not wealthy until you have what money cannot buy so, family to me is where life begins and love never ends.” She says.

courtesy: Business Day

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