May 20, 2024

My Husband Will Make Akwa Ibom Proud As Governor – Imaobong Albert

My Husband Will Make Akwa Ibom Proud As Governor – Imaobong Albert

Priscilla Akpanettot

The wife of the YPP governorship candidate in Akwa Ibom State, Pastor (Mrs.) Imaobong Bassey Albert has assured the people that her husband, Obong Bassey Albert will make them proud as the State Governor.

Mrs Albert said this while featuring on a live interview programme on Planet FM Radio and Spectrum TV on Monday, March 13, 2023.

She reiterated that her husband, Senator Albert is full of the milk of human kindness, deeply compassionate and sympathetic to the plights of those around him and always ready to help.

According to her, OBA’s interest in governance is driven by his interest to give meaning to the lives of the people of Akwa Ibom and the rapid transformation of the State into a desired destination.

Arising from his people-centred disposition, she explained that OBA has been in the business of human capacity development and will do more if given the mandate of the people in the forthcoming gubernatorial election on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

“My husband is passionate about people. He loves to develop the youths, that’s why he has put in so much to develop them through education and skilled acquisition.”

“When people are given the right motivation and enabling environment, they are able to maximize their potentials. This has been my husband’s believe overtime”.

“I believe so much in my husband. He’s one person who takes every opportunity given to him with both hands and makes the best out of it. And I believe he’ll make Akwa Ibom proud as Governor,” she said.

On why she thinks her husband is the best candidate for the job, Mrs Albert responded that she has seen OBA neck-deep in the concerns of the less-priviledged and has closely followed his commitment to duties assigned him in times past and currently as senator.

“I know my husband very well and can vouch for him. He’s very generous and a someone who loves the people. He loves to see people developed, cared for, encouraged and empowered. That’s the kind of man I’m married to.

“Anyone that has ever come in contact with my husband never leaves the same way he came. My husband is a giver who makes sacrifices to make people happy. So, the payment of entitlements to those who have served our State meritoriously is one of those things he’ll prioritize when he emerges, as well as other issues.

“He also has the leadership experience, having served as Commissioner and Senator. He has met a lot of people and garnered a lot of experience. I usually ask people to check track records and backgrounds when chosing a leader,” she stated.

When asked what her role would be in ensuring that her husband keeps to his promises for Akwa Ibom people, she answered that she would keep him in constant remembrance of his words like she always does.

“As a wife and supporter of my husband, I’ve seen the draft of my husband’s policies and I’ve made him understand that if he’s going to enter into a social contract with the people, he should be ready to fulfill it. So, my place as his wife is to consistently remind him of them,” she asserted.

Speaking on her disposition as a First Lady and her proposed pet project, Mrs. Imaobong Bassey Albert hinted that her area of concentration will be holistic and all encompassing.

“I don’t only have a soft spot for the Girl-child but the family as a whole because having a wholesome family in unity will give us a better outlook on the society.

“The policies I’ll bring forth will be all inclusive; for the Girl-child, the Boy-child, the physically challenged, the aged, the widows and the widowers. Not only the Girl-child, the male child will also be nurtured and mentored. I believe that God has put so much in me to help mentor and nurture the upcoming generation.

“I’ll be a First Lady that would embrace everyone regardless of the part they’ve played. I’ll be that First Lady that will unite the people,” Mrs. Albert assured.

While fielding questions from listeners on the show, on what she has done for people of the State, the gubernatorial candidate’s wife noted that she has been deeply involved in her husband’s human capacity development drives all along.

“I have a part in everything my husband has done in the last 7 years, in terms of human capacity development because these are things we sit together to discuss. The scholarship, the empowerments and other things are projects we jointly agreed on, before they came to limelight,” she added.

She therefore called on Akwa Ibomites to see her husband’s coming as an answer to their prayers.

“Not a single sector or area of human capacity development will be neglected. If we empower the women, we’ll do same for the men. If we look out for the widows, we’ll look out for widowers,” she assured.

“I’ll like that Akwa Ibom people go out on Saturday to exercise their civic duty and responsibility; look for competence, character and people who are passionate about them. They should vote for OBA because he has these qualities,” she maintained.

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