…………..With due respect but without any apologies to Mr. Nsima U. Ekere, we are yet to understand why of all the things, Yes! Of all meaningful achievements of Gov. Udom Emmanuel’s led administration you could have easily talked about, you rather stooped so low to speak negatively about the international market, flyover, Uyo-Ikot Ekpene Road & the Four Points Hotel? Isn’t it too shameful?

It shows that you’re not up to date with most information on each of those projects but we feel you should really stop listening to your media aides and come down from that “virtual throne” you so cling to, and meet with the Hon. Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Mr Charles Udoh, Commissioner for Housing and Special Duties, Mr. Akan Okon and also the Commissioner for Works, Mr. Ephraim Inyangeyen. We are really sure they will enlighten you real good on these projects, and trust us, the truth will set you free.

But in the meantime, you need to know that:

1. All projects carried out by the present administration have set dates with the contractors and will be completed and commissioned on record time. All promises made to the people by Gov. Udom Emmanuel will be fulfilled. He needs neither arguments nor proof that he is more than capable of doing what he says. Atang ke inua, anam ke Ubok Governor is what we have.

2. The Governor Isn’t God and so you too are not! If you feel that you can do it all, what’s keeping the Calabar-Itu road up to this time in that pathetic state? We mean, can’t you just wave your ‘magic wand’ & do it all? Or perhaps you’re too handicapped to do it. The Four points hotel will be up & running in the shortest possible time as the Governor had said before the first quarter of next year. Maybe you should make a trip inside to see the extensive work being carried out on the interior and exterior. That way, it will further guide you when speaking in the public about it.

3. As for the International market, maybe your definition of market differs with that of ours because everywhere we pass, we see markets and people stop to do transactions there, so what market are you talking about? Or maybe you need a tour guide to the current markets being built by the present administration.

4. The flyover you talked about, if you could point out one you’ve done in your capacity as NDDC boss, or as APC’s i -better-pass-my -neighbour governor, Then we’ll be so happy to show you few done by the present administration but until then, kindly reserve your peace.

It’s amazing how you run a campaign for governorship when the ticket of APC, you will never see! We at this juncture would like to recommend that you seek ye first the ticket of your party, before you start talking about a man whose party ticket he already holds!
You should oppose with works not words.

5. You’re not even a good politician because if you’re one, you’d rather see the need to join hands in building Akwa Ibom State first, knowing that before politics comes the State.

6. What exactly have you done to better the state? Is it roads or other meaningful infrastructures? That’s a pathetic story of its own.

Permit us to remind you this popular adage “A house can’t be built in a day”. If a country like Singapore wasn’t built in a day, then who are you to stand up to speak against one man who in his Divine wisdom is trying to take this state to its place of honour? Who are you to decide what’s best for the state?
A good question to ask is: What have you achieved in the last couple of years of being the Managing Director of NDDC or even as a former Deputy Governor of the state? What can you show the world as your score card sheet? “We dare you to produce it for the entire Akwa Ibom to see.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is using all his innovative ideas to build the state and instead of contributing your quota, you’re playing politics with the future of the state. Go and assess the level of development from the center led by the APC, what do you see? Do you see any better? Nothing!!! Insecurity of the highest!!! And you’re here talking nonsense!!

Akwa Ibom State will grow and get to its place of greater glory. This State cannot have a man that is not focused like you managing it. It can’t have a man that jumps into another ship just because the captain of the ship doesn’t agree with him on an issue. Not you or any antics of the APC can stop that from happening.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is not your everyday regular politician that you find hundred for ten naira in your APC market! While you find time ranting and railing about not building international market in Ikot Ekpene, it might interest you to know that the Governor is spending his time re-branding the market value of the state to the international market. Of course this is political-economy in discourse, so quite naturally we won’t expect any intellectual contribution from you or your half-baked media fronts.

We would encourage you to leave Governor Udom Emmanuel alone and stick with us, because he is by all known standards above your pay grade! If you want character debate, if you really want to talk about incompetence and mediocrity, then pick a date and venue and we the PDP Defenders will show up! This state can’t afford an all-talk-and-no-work-done taciturn like you at the helm of its affairs. Mr Nsima! beyond backstabbing your friends, betraying the state, insubordination as a character trait, which other kind of politics do you know?

So leave Governor Udom Emmanuel alone. He is the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State & by the Grace of God, he will still remain so till 2023, Amen!


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