Take advantage of industries in the State- Inyang-eyen Charges Youths of Eket Senatorial District

Take advantage of industries in the State- Inyang-eyen Charges Youths of Eket Senatorial District

By Imoh Etukukoh

……..The Honourable Commissioner for Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen has called on the people of Eket Senatorial district to take advantage of the industries attracted into the State by the State governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

The commissioner who facilitated a 2-day roundtable for the Senatorial district to discuss the way forward for the people called on them to equip themselves with creative skills that may be sought after in the industries provided.

The maiden Edition of the
Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District roundtable had the theme: Building The future was held at Eden Hotels in Eket Local government area.

The event which featured quality resource persons had them address different issues that inspired the mind of the people towards development.

The convener of the Event, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen in his opening remarks said the people of Eket Senatorial district are privileged to have numerous industries sited in the area, but he finds it sad that some are busy complaining instead of taking advantage available for them.

He said complain would not produce result rather it will turn a distraction.

Inyang-eyen urged the people to delve into things that will inspire them as a people and develop them.

The Commissioner pointed out that with what the governor has put on ground coupled with his Dakkada philosophy and good road network in the State, a veritable vista has been opened for exploit.

He urged the people of the Senatorial District to equip themselves so that non indigenes of the State will not take over management among other sensitive positions in the industries sited in the State.

He added ” We should allow our brain to think above youth level. It is time to use creative thinking and liberate ourselves from hunger.

“The time and season has come, we are challenged to standout. We must work together to get ourselves out of economic bondage.”

Earlier in her remarks, the Chairman of the roundtable meeting, Sen. Helen Esuene commended Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen for setting the agenda for mind reorientation for the people of Eket Senatorial district.

She urged the youths to use the advantage of the opportunity to sharpen their minds towards harnessing their potentials to the fullest.

In keynote delivery, Prof. Effiong Johnson of the University of Uyo in a lecture topic: Building the Future,
Urged the youth of Eket Senatorial district to prepare their minds for the opportunities that will come their way.

He advised them not to allow the opportunities meet them when there are not prepared.

Speaking on the topic: Prioritizing Intellectualism in our Representative Democracy: The Udom Emmanuel Example, the Akwa Ibom State PDP Publicity Secretary, Comrade Ini Ememobong called on the educated to get involved in democratization processes and not allow the political space to be dominated by clowns who will then decide for the entire people.

He advised that it will be counterproductive for the intellectuals to watch from the sideline and then complain of the kind of leadership they get.

He said “There is need to consciously engage intellectualism in governance. Intellectuals must unify, that alone will serve our nation from the educated being led by clowns”.

Other speakers posited that government and the political class must support and encourage initiatives that will make the Senatorial District productive.

They were strongly opposed to money sharing, a term often referred to as “landing” in politics, describing it as a cankerworm that needs to be exterminated to bring sanity to the system.

Another speaker, Dr. Ofonime Inyang in a topic:Examining the context of our past, present, the shortcomings and lessons: Sociopolitical and Economic called for a University to be provided for in Eket Senatorial District.

He also appealed for Akwa Ibom sons and daughters to be trained to higher level of education so as to enable them take leadership positions in industries.

Dr. Essien Uko in his lecture with the topic:Building capacity for Emerging opportunities said the people should be prepared to meet opportunities, nothing that capacity development was the key.

Other resource persons were:
Dr. Aniekan Brown’s lecture on Transformational Challenge for Systematic Change and Sustainable Development and Investing in Youths: A school-to-Work transitional initiative by Dr. Jude Okokon and a motivational talk on “The New Way to Go” by Hon. Ephraim Inyangeyen.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, the Coordinator of the Roundtable, Hon. Ubong Ekefre stated that the event is geared towards promoting entrepreneurship development among the youths of Eket Senatorial District.

He added that the roundtable is also designed to identify the entrepreneurial interest of participants and empower them to fulfil their dreams and desires in line with the Dakkada philosophy of governor Udom Emmanuel led administration as it seeks to inspire and stimulate conversations around the economic wellbeing of the people of the senatorial district.

Later in a motivational speech by the Honourable commissioner for works to the youth, he stressed that the gathering is geared towards encouraging the people towards economy venture and it has nothing to do with the politics.

He urged the youths to get something done that will make them independent on their own.
“Time has come for us to tell ourselves some fundamental truth, let’s do serious business and reorientation”.he said

The 2-day event which started on Thursday 26th to Friday 27th September was well attended by youths across the twelve local government area in Eket Senatorial District.

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