May 20, 2024



My dearest compatriots,

When we set out on this journey, we had clear objectives and desires; to change the course of history and restore the hope, trust, and confidence our people lost in the government elect. We also had great initiatives to significantly improve the standard of living for the betterment of our people.

With the help and the grace of God, we ran an issue-focused campaign based on our conviction and belief in a united, peaceful, and prosperous Akwa Ibom State. We won the hearts of our people to a seemingly new political party in the state, therefore causing the greatest upset of all time in our political history. For this, I remain grateful to our God who is the doer of all things and the giver of life, he who has helped us up to this great moment.

Of course, every election is either lost or won,
but did we lose this election?
The answer is “NO”.

The results of this election do not reflect the collective yearnings, aspirations, and hope of our people, to change a government that has brought immeasurable hardship to them and completely eroded the values of our collective existence.

Never in the history of our state have we witnessed this level of thuggery, untoward destruction, and loss of human lives in an election in the state. The same government elected by our people unleashed so much mayhem in their lives and destroyed the values and ethics of a Godly society.

These people came with the toga of “we must win and let them go to court” even if it meant killing our people and wasting their lives. The same thuggery and cultism they falsely ascribed to me were used to cause mayhem and destruction of lives and properties. Therefore we pray for the souls of the departed to rest in perfect peace and may God console their families. I will be visiting the bereaved families in the coming days by the grace of God.

I maintain my position that my ambition to fulfill the collective desire of our people and serve as their Governor, is not worth the blood of any Akwa-Ibomite. The good people of Akwa Ibom want to see their lives positively impacted especially after their disappointment in the current administration led by Gov Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.

The results of this election will be scrutinised and proven to be a sham in the coming months by our legal team and no amount of character assassinations and name calling and wasted treasury will deter me and my deputy from retrieving this freely given mandate by the Akwa Ibom people.

In all this, I must thank you all. I was strong because you all made me strong, I was passionate because I saw partners in the struggle in you. We were confident due to our belief and trust in God as the author and finisher of our faith and God showed his faithfulness till the very end.

On behalf of my dearest wife, Pastor Mrs. Imaobong Bassey Albert, my dear Deputy AIG Amba Rtd, and his lovely wife, I express our profound gratitude to the state party chairman Apostle Andy and by extension the entire party structure across the state for the opportunity to fly the flag of this great party.

To the Akwaubokabasi Campaign council, we are grateful. To the Chairman Sir Emem Akpabio, the Director General, Pastor Sony Iduot, and his Deputy, Archbishop Uwanta, we are grateful. Similarly, we are thankful to the Chairman of our Elders Council, Sir Jerry Okpo, and his Deputy Abom EP Umana and all the members of our Elders Council, Senatorial Chairmen of Campaigns, Directors, and other sectional heads. We also want to highlight the contributions of the women and the youth to our campaigns, and acknowledge the entire campaign structure for their resilience, commitment, passion, and love toward our collective ambition. This was truly a trial of our faith and we thank God we followed HIM wholly till the end.

To our gallants candidates , I say congratulations and thank you for holding forth till the very last , you will definitely be part of our success story at the end

To the ‘’CHURCH OF GOD,‘’ we thank you for your prayers and support and assure you that God’s perfect will shall prevail in our land. I promise to never fail the God that created me and has helped me thus far.

As we follow this through to the next stage in our recovery of this mandate, I enjoin you all to keep us in your prayers and support for though it tarries for a while, GOD’S counsel shall prevail at the end.

I love and cherish you all.

Kind regards.”

~ Senator Bassey Albert – OBA, CON.

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