May 20, 2024



*As YPP Kicks-off Governorship Campaign in Udung Uko

The governorship candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), Senator Bassey Albert (OBA) has promised to initiate the Ibaka road construction and other amenities, three months into office as governor, once he wins election, next year.

Addressing his supporters during the first phase of his ward campaign to Udung Uko on Monday, October 25, 2022, OBA regretted a situation the state government ignored Udung Uko and the Ibaka road, despite receiving over N280b that has not reflected in the budget.

“We will not sign any road project in the State without first awarding the Ibaka Deep Seaport Road. This is the commitment the investors need to be show our level of commitment. I was a member of the committee for the project when I was commissioner for finance, and we had secured the first approval for that project”.

He said, “The present state government has collected over N280 billion outside federal allocations, and that money has not been captured in the budget. That money alone can build a good 8 lane raod to Ibaka Deep Seaport. I am speaking as a former Commissioner of finance and budget”.

“I was a member of the Ibaka Deep Seaport Implementation Committee. We got the approval, and before we got the approval, we assured the federal government that the next government would implement the seaport”, OBA recalled.

As a relief to the ongoing mis – governance, OBA reiterated the earlier promises he made on April 23, 2022, while on consultation to the area, that Udung Uko people will have roads to transport their aquatic commodities and workable health facilities to enhance their healthcare.

“This is a riverine community, you need roads to transport your fish. My government will do that. We will give you better roads. Udung Uko will become a place to be”, the lawmaker promised.

Education, OBA told Udung Uko people, will also be of priority to him. “No governorship candidate has trained even two Akwa Ibom children to school. I, Senator Bassey Albert have trained 481 Akwa Ibom children in different Nigerian universities. I will pay students bursaries, in order to relieve their parents of burden”, he said.

The chairman of YPP in the state, Apostle Nyeneime Andy, urged the people to vote for all YPP candidates, assuring them that the party remains the best thing to happen to Akwa Ibom people.

“I have come here to let Udung Uko people know the biggest thing to happen to Akwa Ibom is the YPP. This is the party whose government will build Ibaka Deep Seaport. It will no longer be on the pages of the papers, but reality. Vote for all the YPP candidates to bring this to reality. The fresh leaves will bring end to all our problems”, Andy assured all.

The hope of the people for a better Akwa Ibom was emphasized by the chairman of the Akwa Ubok Abasi Campaign Council, Sir Emem Akpabio.

“They have lied to you too much. But today we have brought the talk and do Governor”, Sir Akpabio declared.

While addressing the people, the Director – General of Akwa Ubok Abasi Campaign Council, Pastor Sunny Ibuot, said OBA is the God – chosen leader for Akwa Ibom come 2023.

“The incoming Governor has decided to begin his campaign here, and when he assumes leadership position, he will start his development from Udung Uko”, The DG assured the people.

Earlier, at the palace of the Paramount Ruler of Udung Uko, HRM Edidem Bassey Etim Edet JP, OBA said that his economic programmes were developed since the year 2020, and wondered how he could copy his well thought out plans for Akwa Ibom people, and promised that as a member of Ibaka Deep Seaport implementation committee, the seaport waited for his days as Governor, promising that the dream of having it will become a reality when he takes over as Governor.

“We understand the peculiar needs of the people, and have captured all of them in our agenda, which one is a total road network that will connect all the local government areas of the state”.

“The government has not implemented the budget which would have addressed poor road network, but what is happening now is that commissioners are paid N10 million every three months. Just yesterday, each member of the of the house of assembly was credited with N40 million. This would have addressed the lack of roads and electricity and other critical issues in our state”, OBA told the monarch.

The Paramount Ruler used the opportunity to condole the guber hopeful over the death of his brother and his close aides.

He thanked OBA for rekindling the hope of the Oro people about the sea port.

“You have a very good point about Ibaka Deep Seaport. We the Oro people are happy about it”, the monarch told OBA.

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